Netlight Consulting

Netlight Consulting
Holzdamm 14
20099 Hamburg

AN INDEPENDENT, VALUE DRIVEN CONSULTING FIRM in management and IT. Netlight operates throughout Europe with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Munich, Hamburg, Helsinki, Berlin, Copenhagen and Zürich. Netlight has been a reliable supplier of qualified consulting services since 1999 and employs more than 1000 consultants today. You can WORK ANYWHERE – but locally!
Choose a local office as your home base – you won’t need to travel and won’t live out a suitcase.

Netlight has helped leaders in the digital industry to realize business critical projects in the forefront of technology. WE ARE PROUD TO BE PART OF THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION. As genuine consultants we provide independent solutions, tangible results and sustainable value to our clients by combining competence, creativity and business sense.

knowlEDGE at Netlight
We are the consultants of the digital industry. We live a culture of knowledge sharing – day in and day out. Through this we keep our knowledge up-to-date, relevant and make our knowledge collectively available. Let Netlighters explain it to you:

Instead of putting just one person in command – Netlight shares the responsibility through empowerment of our employees. At Netlight we have many leaders, and everyone can take the initiative and be one. A culture of constant change and adaption with a transparent career and salary system, 360° Feedback twice a year and most importantly VALUE DRIVEN people.


As a Netlight Consultant you work in the FOREFRONT OF TECHNOLOGY. Since the IT industry is one of the fastest industries in the world – we do not specialize or focus on one technology in particular but rather engage in the most innovative and powerful ones.

We work in various ROLES in order TO SUPPORT our client to concept and to carry out the most daring and innovative projects. Possible roles range from:
IT Architecture, Software/Mobile Development, Testing, DevOps, Data Science/Engineering, Cloud Computing to Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering, Agile Coaching and IT Project Management.

Our clients are from ACROSS ALL industries e.g. eCommerce, Media, iOT, Automotive, FinTech, Mobility, eHealth, Games and Gambling – and so are the technologies we are working with:
Angular, React, Node.js, .NET, Java, Spring, Ruby, Scala, native Android, iOS, Python, AWS, Google Cloud, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes AND MANY MORE.

Do you want to be part of the crew?